Hyundai Europe partners with Amazon to fulfill customer needs

Hyundai Motor Europe has partnered with Amazon to cater to customer needs, launching its first Brand Space on Amazon in Germany in April 2024. The collaborative venture serves as an avenue for customers to engage with the automaker in a digital environment, representing Hyundai’s commitment to meeting customer demands through a familiar channel. Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing, Product & PR for Hyundai Motor Europe, emphasized the strategic extension of the partnership into Europe as a means of leveraging Amazon’s reach and consumer trust to directly connect with customers and provide access to detailed information about the brand and its vision. With a focus on directing customers to the Brand Space, Hyundai will display ads on Amazon and offer opportunities for customers to learn more about the company, explore its product lineup, schedule test drives, and use a digital car configurator.

The partnership with Amazon also encompasses collaboration on vehicle sales and in-car features, with a focus on three main components announced in November 2023.

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