Gilmour Space seeks to enter the competitive market for commercial rockets.

The Australian-based rocket company Gilmour Space is preparing to launch its Eris orbital launch vehicle no earlier than April 2024. Gilmour Space, located in Queensland, Australia, has been conducting thorough component testing of the Eris rocket in anticipation of its upcoming launch.

The Eris rocket, a 3-stage vehicle, has the capability to launch payloads of up to 305 kg (672 lbs) into low Earth orbit, putting it on par with Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket. The Eris rocket is 25 meters (82 ft) tall, with a base diameter of 2 meters (6 ft) that tapers to 1.5 meters at the top, and the payload fairing options are either 1.2 or 1.5 meters in diameter.

The rocket has been subjected to various tests and has demonstrated 115 kilonewtons of thrust with a focus on steady and efficient combustion. Once the rocket is fully assembled, it will be transported to the launch pad at the Bowen Orbital Spaceport and raised vertically for launch.

If the company secures final approvals for the launch, it will mark Australia’s first orbital launch attempt since October 1971, and if successful, will be the first rocket to use a hybrid motor to reach orbit. Gilmour Space is entering the competitive market of small rocket providers, and its success remains to be seen, with the question of whether it can make a significant impact like Rocket Lab or face challenges similar to Astra.

The outcome of their first launch attempt will be crucial in determining their future in the industry. What are your thoughts on Gilmour Space’s prospects for success in their first orbital launch attempt?

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