Elon Musk provides an optimistic update on plans to bring Tesla EVs to India.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared an optimistic update on the company’s plans for India, stating that India is a logical next step for Tesla given its status as the most populous country in the world. He emphasized the importance of India having electric cars like other countries and hinted at efforts to establish a domestic manufacturing facility through extended lucrative land offers. Sources indicate that Tesla’s proposed plant in India is expected to cost between $2 billion to $3 billion and is intended to serve both the domestic and international market.

This move aligns with India’s efforts to promote itself as a favorable destination for leading electric vehicle manufacturers, making Tesla a valuable addition to the emerging EV sector in the country. Recent reports suggest that Tesla may soon enter the Indian market, with Giga Berlin reportedly planning to start exporting right-hand drive cars to India later this year. According to sources, the production of these vehicles has already begun, signaling Tesla’s intention to make its presence known in the Indian market in the near future.

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