Elon Musk hints at Tesla entering “wartime mode” again in subtle manner

Elon Musk suggested on social media that Tesla is facing a “wartime” scenario once again. Despite surviving the Model 3 ramp, the company seemed to have settled down after the Cybertruck’s customer deliveries and the success of the Model Y.

However, Tesla’s history shows its willingness to violate protocol, extraordinary attention to detail, and a sense of paranoia to achieve its goals. According to Horowitz, “wartime CEOs” focus on winning the market.

It is suggested that a “wartime CEO” might be precisely what Tesla needs, given Musk’s track record of succeeding under pressure. This approach was successful for SpaceX and contributed to Tesla’s current standing as the world’s largest electric car maker.

With increasing competition, particularly from China, re-entering a high-stakes situation may be beneficial for Tesla to surpass its current limitations. It is anticipated that Tesla will adopt a “wartime mode” in the near future.

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