Construction of Tesla’s Megapack Factory in China Set to Begin

Tesla’s Megapack Factory in China is ready to start construction this month. Since then, very little has been built on the site. Tesla Giga Shanghai’s resident drone operator, WuWa, recently provided an update on the company’s Megapack Factory in China.

He explained why construction stopped after the initial sighting in March. “On April 22nd, the Chinese media issued a news release, saying that the Tesla Shanghai The Megapack factory is scheduled to start construction in May. At the time, the company planned to produce 10,000 Megapacks per year, equivalent to 40 GWh worth of energy storage at the factory.

Tesla’s earliest desired delivery date for Megapacks made in China is Q1 2025. Tesla China didn’t waste any time recruiting for the Shanghai Megafactory. Tesla’s Megafactory in China would probably be a major export hub similar to Giga Shanghai.

Tesla’s car manufacturing facility in China exports vehicles to neighboring Asian countries, some European countries, Australia, and New Zealand. Tesla’s Megapacks have been a mainstay in Australia’s expanding clean energy market. The Collie Batter is expected to help the town of Collie transition from coal power to renewable energy.

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