BYD’s Debut of Electric Pickup Truck at Beijing Auto Show

BYD is set to reveal its electrified pickup truck at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25. The Chinese automaker has provided some details about its first pickup truck, which they named the Shark, ahead of the unveiling.

This name follows the sea animal theme used for their other electric vehicles, the Seal and Dolphin. The company also confirmed that the truck will utilize DMO (Dual-Mode Super Hybrid All-Terrain Off-Road Platform) technology.

Teasers released by BYD also indicated that the Shark will initially target right-hand-drive markets, such as Australia and South Africa, where the automaker has already established its brand with its Dolphin and Seal EVs. Tests conducted in Mexico have revealed that the Shark will be a plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV), making it a hybrid vehicle that falls under the new energy vehicle category.

BYD plans to equip the Shark with a 31.9 kWh Blade battery, which is also used on the Leopard 5.

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