Anaheim Police to Introduce Tesla Model Y Patrol Cars This Week

The Anaheim Police Department is launching a pilot program for six Tesla Model Y units in response to a shortage of patrol cars. According to Armendariz, a department representative, the agency sought out alternative vehicle options due to the shortage, leading to the exploration of using Teslas as police vehicles.

Although the press release did not disclose the purchase cost, the most affordable inventory Model Y on Tesla’s website in the Anaheim area is priced at $41,390 before tax credits. The agency cited the Model Y’s advanced features, including quick acceleration, large storage capacity, affordable sticker price, and low maintenance requirements as reasons for their selection.

The police department intends to monitor the performance, reliability, and long-term cost-effectiveness of the Model Y units. They hope that the pilot results will guide future decisions about integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into the department’s fleet.

The department will conduct a media preview day for the Model Y cruisers on Monday at the Anaheim Convention Center from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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