Tesla relanza las transferencias de carga súper vitalicia por tiempo limitado

Tesla has re-launched the option for owners to transfer their free lifetime Supercharging offer to a new vehicle for a limited time. This offer is available to early owners of the Model S and X, who were initially granted the perk for their vehicles’ lifetimes.

The ability to transfer lifetime Supercharging is aimed at encouraging owners to purchase new vehicles by allowing them to apply the use of Superchargers for free to a new Tesla instead of being limited to their old models. It’s worth noting that the free charging benefit doesn’t apply when owners use home charging, and they would be billed at their electricity provider’s regular rate.

Tesla has made these limited-time transfers available on and off over the years, with the latest offering being available for the next couple of months. [Tesla ofrece transferencias de Supercharging ilimitado gratuito por tiempo limitado en China]*

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