Tesla Model 3 and Model Y teased winter testing in Japan

The video is just over a minute long, but it includes some great shots of the testing procedures, showing the sedan and SUV as they slalom around cones and put the vehicles’ handling to the test. “Incredibly quick and delicate controls,” writes Tesla in the post, as translated into English from Japanese. While the Japan winter testing video was simply posted to one of the company’s social media accounts, many have called on Tesla to use advertising and social media as a way to help educate the public about what the company’s vehicles can do—especially as many sources have tried to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding Tesla’s capabilities in cold weather.

Tesla has also created videos for its winter testing activities before. Tesla also shared some testing of Track Mode in Norway a few days ago, featuring the Model S: Track Mode on a frozen lake in 🇳🇴 [pic.twitter.com/xcrbfEF04Q] — Tesla (@Tesla) [February 7, 2024]. [Upgraded Tesla Model 3 wins winter range test in -20°C (-4°F) weather]

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