Tesla Megapack pilot project starts in New Jersey

The Tesla energy storage system (ESS) recently installed a Megapack at North Jersey’s Willowbrook Mall, representing a significant milestone for the region. This Megapack will be used to store excess energy generated by the mall’s solar panels, enhancing the property’s energy supply reliability and flexibility. Rhianne Menzies, Brookfield’s ESG Director, emphasized the benefits of this installation, stating that it enables the storage of surplus solar energy for future use. She also noted that the mall’s existing solar panels provided an ideal environment for testing the Tesla ESS technology.

Furthermore, this Megapack installation at Willowbrook Mall is part of a pilot program. Once the company accumulates sufficient data to validate its performance, there are plans to expand the use of Tesla Megapacks at the mall. Looking ahead, Tesla is showing no signs of slowing down, as evidenced by the recent spotting of around 326 Megapack batteries at the Tesla Megafactory in Lathrop in late January 2024. This suggests a continued commitment to advancing energy storage technology and expanding its deployment in various locations.

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