SpaceX obtains permit to offer Starlink service in Israel and parts of the Gaza Strip

SpaceX has obtained a license to provide its satellite internet system, Starlink, in Israel after agreeing to security measures to prevent unauthorized use. The Israeli Ministry of Communications confirmed the development and approved the use of Starlink at a field hospital in southern Gaza, run by the United Arab Emirates. Starlink will be available for emergency backup communications and will begin selling its terminals in Israel through a subsidiary, initially restricted to approved clients such as local councils and government bodies. The Communications Minister’s approval brings advanced satellite communication and broadband services to Israel for the first time.

Authorities and governmental bodies will have continued access to these services, including during emergencies. Units in the Gaza Strip supporting humanitarian causes will be individually approved, pending verification by Israeli security forces. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk supported the approval, expressing hope that Starlink could benefit both the people of Israel and civilians in Gaza. He emphasized the desire to help innocent civilians while being mindful of national security concerns.

Musk also noted that in challenging situations like the one in Ukraine, acts of kindness can make a difference. Starlink had allowed the Ukrainian military to stay connected to the internet despite efforts to cut off access.

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