Rivian R2 reportedly seen charging next to an R1S

An alleged photo of the Rivian R1 was recently shared on Reddit, leading to speculation by many Rivian enthusiasts that the photo could be AI-generated and not real. Moderator CarterGee from the r/Rivian subreddit engaged with the original poster of the alleged R1 photo and expressed the opinion that the photo is not fake or AI-generated based on multiple shots from what seems to be a promotional shoot featuring the same vehicles. Zooming in on the photo may have created distorted lines and smoothing, leading to the blurred image.

If the photo is indeed a genuine sighting of Rivian’s upcoming R2 vehicle, several observations can be made. The R2 is seen beside a Rivian R1S, illustrating the size differences between the two cars. The R2 appears to be as long as the R1S or slightly shorter, hinting at its potentially spacious interior despite being smaller.

Another observation by enthusiasts is that the R2’s charging port is located on the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Teaser photos also revealed that the R2 has slightly smaller “stadium headlights” and a more rounded light bar.

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