Lamborghini quiere reducir las emisiones de carbono en un 40% por coche para 2030

The automaker has announced its plans to expand its decarbonization commitment across its entire enterprise, including production, supply chain, logistics, and product use. This represents a shift from focusing solely on production and product lifecycle to now include emissions reduction in all aspects of the business.

Lamborghini CEO and chairman, Stephan Winkelmann, referred to this initiative as “Direzione Cor Tauri,” emphasizing its role in electrifying the Lamborghini range and achieving decarbonization throughout the entire value chain. According to Lamborghini, its 2021 and 2022 model-year vehicles produce approximately 700,000 tons of CO2 across their life cycles, based on a value chain emissions inventory.

The transportation sector globally contributes about 15 percent of the roughly 59 gigatons of CO2 produced, considering only direct emissions from exhaust pipes. Stefano Rutigliano, Lamborghini Director of Strategy, highlighted sustainability as a key pillar of the company’s corporate strategy, aiming to establish itself as a super sports car company with a strong and genuine commitment to sustainability and an overall vision of ESG issues.

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