In 2023, California accounted for one-third of all electric vehicle sales in the United States.

The U.S. market share of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) ended the year at 7.5 percent, while in California, BEV market share reached 21.4 percent. This reflects a significant increase in BEV adoption. On the other hand, internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles comprised approximately 63.9 percent of new vehicle sales in the state, showing a decrease of about 7.7 percent from the previous year.

Toyota and Tesla emerged as the top-selling auto brands in California, with market share figures of 15.7 percent and 13 percent, respectively, regardless of powertrain. Following closely behind were Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet, making up the rest of the top five selling brands in the state. It is notable that Tesla was the only BEV-only manufacturer in the top 15.

Overall, the BEV sector in California experienced a noteworthy 46.1 percent increase from 2022, with a total of 380,891 BEVs registered. Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 secured the top two spots on the list of the best-selling BEVs and PHEVs, with the Chevy Bolt BEV, Jeep Wrangler PHEV, and Volkswagen ID.4 BEV rounding out the top five spots. Despite the positive trends, concerns have been raised about slowing BEV demand in recent months, especially as consumers anticipate lower-priced models in 2025 and beyond.

This anticipation may be influencing their current purchasing decisions. [California’s proposed 2035 EV sales mandate faces scrutiny at EPA hearing]

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