Delivery Times for Tesla Model 3 Highland Long Range Are Delayed

The refresh Model 3 rear-wheel drive’s (RWD) delivery times are between February to May. The Model 3 RWD starts at $38,990, while the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range begins at $47,490.

Refresh Model 3 leases start at $329 per month, excluding taxes and fees. Leasing prices are subject to change.

Tesla Model 3 Highland leases are available in select states. Tesla rolled out a few changes with the Model 3 Highland, including adaptive headlights.

“Tesla did a good job of improving some of the parts of the Model 3 with this update. The sleek and sporty exterior look is great, the amount of noise in the cabin was excellent, and the suspension and ride comfort were top notch.

“Were there things I wish were different? Yes.

Absolutely. I wish stalks were still a thing[.]

I wish changing climate control settings and other things that are commonly adjusted throughout the course of a drive were more easily accessible,” wrote Klender. Tesla started offering limited demo drives for the Model 3 Highland across North America.

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