Unionization would enhance the working conditions of Tesla Sweden workers, claims IF Metall

Some employees at Tesla’s facility in Hedentorp have placed a banner on a fence with a simple message – they are fine. This comes in response to IF Metall’s protests against Tesla Sweden due to the company’s lack of a collective agreement. IF Metall argues that having an agreement would enable them to fight for the rights of Tesla employees, while Tesla Sweden claims that their workers are already adequately compensated. The banner features a cartoon hedgehog, similar to the one used by Tesla in their vehicle ordering process, with the words “Thanks, it is good.” The employees are using the banner to showcase the idea that they do not need a collective agreement. This banner is also being used in other parts of the country where there is a similar conflict. Over 90% of Tesla Sweden’s employees are not participating in the protests. The employees themselves took the initiative for the banner and also have similar vests. The union strike guard, Elin Mainhed, argues that the protests are for the sake of the employees’ safety, as collective agreements provide a minimum level of protection. However, Axelsson, another representative, claims to have different information without providing any details. In summary, the employees are demonstrating their satisfaction and belief that a collective agreement is unnecessary.

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