Tesla Sweden Employees Transferred from “Car Mechanic” to “Garbage Man” Amid Union Protest, says IF Metall

The Transport union, in solidarity with other union allies, has been undertaking sympathy efforts against Tesla. One of these efforts involved Transport workers refusing to collect garbage from Tesla Sweden’s locations starting December 29, 2023. However, it appears that this strike hasn’t affected Tesla Sweden significantly. Reports indicate that there is currently no significant accumulation of garbage in Tesla Sweden’s locations. According to the Transport union, this is because Tesla Sweden is managing its waste disposal internally. The press officer for the Transport union, Elin Lörnbo, described Tesla’s strategy of hiring a van to transport waste directly to a recycling center, excluding household rubbish and larger waste that Tesla cannot handle. Lörnbo also mentioned that Tesla employees have been taking garbage home with them at the end of the working day. Tesla Sweden hasn’t provided a comment regarding this matter. The situation raises questions about how the staff feels about this change in their roles, from civil servant or car mechanic to garbage man. It is possible that the union’s efforts against Tesla may intensify in the future. The press officer for the Transport union highlighted that the intervals for emptying different materials vary, and although the waste management blockade has been ongoing for almost four weeks, some materials may only be picked up once a quarter. Overall, the situation is continuously growing, according to the Transport press officer.

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