Tesla Optimus Units Expected to Ship in 2025

Tesla’s humanoid robot, known as Optimus, is a significant focus for the company’s future efforts. Elon Musk mentioned during a TSLA earnings call that Tesla is working on making Optimus a valuable product, despite its sophistication. He also expressed optimism about the possibility of shipping some units of Optimus next year.

In December 2023, Tesla released an update on Optimus, highlighting its increased walking speed and reduced weight, offering a 30% improvement. However, concerns were raised about the actual utility of Optimus. A Tesla executive acknowledged the challenge of making the robot perform useful tasks, highlighting the need to enhance its practical applications for broader societal impact.

While Elon Musk suggested that Optimus is capable of performing some useful tasks, the Tesla executive agreed with the necessity of expanding its utility. Some examples of tasks demonstrated by Tesla include carrying items and folding laundry. It is clear that Optimus still has progress to make in becoming a meaningful contributor to society.

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