Tesla Expects to Commence Production of Next-Generation Vehicle in the Latter Half of 2025

Tesla is set to introduce a new, more affordable next-generation vehicle, which will mark a significant expansion in the company’s product lineup. This vehicle is expected to open up a new pricing point and reach a broader customer base, thereby driving further growth for Tesla. The company is investing in new production lines to support the manufacturing of this entirely new vehicle.

While Tesla has previously discussed the possibility of a fully autonomous, Robotaxi-based vehicle, it’s unclear if the upcoming next-gen vehicle will be designed with this level of autonomy in mind. Instead, it appears that the primary focus of the new car is affordability, which Tesla sees as a crucial factor for its future expansion.

Tesla has articulated its plans for expansion and growth in its Q4 2023 and Full-Year Earnings Shareholder Deck, emphasizing the upcoming launch of the next-generation vehicle platform. The company expects this new platform to drive significant growth, following the successful global expansion of the Model 3/Y platform.

In line with its growth strategy, Tesla is prioritizing the expedited launch of the next-generation platform at Gigafactory Texas, aiming to revolutionize the vehicle manufacturing process and significantly increase production and sales in the long term. However, the company anticipates challenges in the production process, with CEO Elon Musk indicating that employees may need to work under demanding conditions during the vehicle’s manufacturing phase.

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