Tesla exhibits Cybertruck and latest Model 3 at Washington, DC Auto Show

Recent posts from the show indicated that attendees won’t just be able to view Tesla’s latest creations like the Cybertruck — they will actually be able to sit in and experience the premium all-electric vehicles for themselves. As seen in social media posts from the Washington, DC Auto Show, Tesla brought a red upgraded Tesla Model 3 sedan, a Model Y crossover, and the Tesla Cybertruck to its booth. A video accompanying the event’s post highlighted some of the Cybertruck’s features, from its powered frunk to its cavernous interior and bed storage features. Posts on X from attendees of the show suggest that Tesla’s two new vehicles are quite popular, with a decent number of people checking out the Cybertruck and the new Model 3 and several attendees sitting inside the two electric cars.

In a way, it is not surprising to see the Cybertruck and the new Model 3 attracting quite a bit of attention from the Washington, DC Auto Show’s visitors. Both vehicles, after all, are rare today, and the Cybertruck really looks very different from any other car at the event. With all the skepticism surrounding the Cybertruck since it started deliveries, Tesla at least deserves some serious credit for having enough guts to design such a vehicle, and actually put it into production.

While the Tesla Cybertruck and the new Model 3 are likely stealing the show at the Washington, DC Auto Show, the electric vehicle maker’s other premium EVs are also featured at the event.

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