Tesla Executive Disputes Rumors About Constraints on Cybertruck Production Due to 4680 Cells

The Tesla executive provided an update on the progress of the 4680 production, stating that it is ahead of the ramp with several weeks’ worth of finished cell inventory. The aim is to maintain this lead not only for the Cybertruck but also for future vehicle programs. The executive likened the production curve to an S-curve, acknowledging the difficulty in predicting such progress, and emphasized the company’s goals.

In response to a retail investor question, it was revealed that Giga Texas was reportedly producing only a fraction of the required 4680 battery cells for powering an estimated 24,000 Cybertrucks annually. Reports indicated challenges in scaling up the dry-coating process for the 4680 cells, affecting the Cybertruck production targets. The Tesla executive mentioned that the company is currently running one production line and two assembly lines, with additional trials focused on yield and rate improvement. Plans for the commissioning of a fourth line and the installation of four more starting in Q3 were also outlined.

Elon Musk added that Tesla is anticipating an increase in orders from suppliers and highlighted the expansion of Tesla Giga Nevada, which is expected to contribute to the boost in 4680 production.

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