Tesla Embarks on Cybertruck Tour Across China

One viewer, X user Ray4Tesla, shared video footage of the Cybertruck tour launch at the Shenzhen China Resources Center Vientiane Plaza. In the video, a long line is seen to see the Cybertruck up close, surrounded by a larger crowd of pedestrians passing by and walking up to see the EV. The Cybertruck China Tour was eventful on day 1 in all 8 locations across China, with genuine interest in the unique vehicle evident. There appears to be a market for this type of recreational/adventure vehicle in the region.

Elon Musk cited demand exceeding production as the reason for the tour, though recent statements have highlighted long-held conversations about the large electric pickup’s legality outside of North America. It remains unclear why the Cybertruck would be so challenging to make road legal in China, with some pointing to strict pedestrian safety standards and the overall size of the vehicles as potential reasons. As Musk stated, “Unfortunately, it’s impossible to make a 3.2mm radius on a 1.4mm sheet of stainless steel.”

Overall, the Cybertruck’s tour in China has sparked interest and conversation about its potential in the market. It has also raised questions about the challenges of making the vehicle road legal in the region.

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