Synacktiv hacks Tesla at 2024 Pwn2Own Event

The Pwn2Own event in Tokyo, Japan, recently began with numerous devices being successfully hacked. Synacktiv, a group participating in the event, managed to hack a Tesla Modem and a JuiceBox EV Charging Station on the first day. Their achievement earned them $100,000 for the Tesla hack and $60,000 for the EV charger.

As of now, Synacktiv leads in earnings and points, with a total of $295,000 in prize money and 31 points. They plan to continue targeting Tesla to identify weaknesses in the company’s security systems, aiming to enhance its protections in the future. Synacktiv is scheduled to attempt a “Sandbox Escape” on Tesla’s Infotainment system during the event, aiming to access the systems of various Tesla models.

The event not only focuses on Tesla, as other companies are also the subject of attempted hacking. NCC Group EDG is among the participants, with $70,000 in winnings and 10 points. The competition promises to reveal vulnerabilities in automotive cybersecurity and ultimately improve security measures for all vehicles.

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