Rivian recruits former Apple and Porsche executives for future projects

Jonas Reinke has taken on the role of Vice President of Product Management at Rivian, following his departure from Apple last year. Reinke expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with talented individuals at Apple and announced his excitement to join Rivian, a company known for its exceptional and innovative products.

Before joining Rivian, Reinke held various positions related to product management and innovation at companies like Porsche and Porsche Digital. His most recent role involved working on product innovation and automotive infotainment.

Rivian is planning to launch the R2 SUV, a smaller and more affordable version of its current offering, the R1S. CEO RJ Scaringe mentioned that the company aims to ensure the vehicle qualifies for electric vehicle (EV) incentives, which have been increasingly stringent. This move highlights Rivian’s commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Kjell Gruner, Chief Commercial Officer and President of Business Growth, emphasized the importance of Reinke’s role in shaping the brand’s future and global success from a customer perspective. Scaringe also expressed enthusiasm about Reinke’s contributions to the launch of new platforms and ongoing product improvements.

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