Production at Tesla Giga Berlin halts amid Red Sea conflict

According to reports, Tesla Giga Berlin is among the companies that have acknowledged potential disruptions and delivery delays caused by the recent attacks in the Red Sea. It seems that other companies, such as China’s Geely and Sweden’s Ikea, have also been affected by these attacks.

The attacks in question were conducted by the US and the UK, who targeted the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, as well as the Houthi Red Sea port of Hudaydah. These strikes are said to be a response to the attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea that have been occurring since November 2023. President Biden stated that these targeted strikes serve as a clear message that both the US and their partners will not tolerate attacks on their personnel or any threats to freedom of navigation.

The Houthis, who receive support from Hamas, claim to be targeting ships associated with Israel. However, several reports have indicated that the Houthis have attacked vessels with little to no apparent ties to Israel. As a result, it is important to note that any references to the Red Sea attacks in this article are provided solely for the purpose of providing context.

It has been reported that the Houthi rebels have vowed to retaliate fiercely in response to the attacks carried out by the US and the UK.

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