Norway dispels cold weather fears for electric cars

Norway has been facing a cold wave since the start of the year, leading to an increased demand for car recovery services. Svein Setrom, from the rescue service company Vikings Assistance Group, has observed a significant rise in missions since 2022. Setrom believes that electric vehicles (EVs) are the clear winners in these frigid conditions based on his experience and supporting data. Setrom is responsible for the station network at Viking and explains that 2022 was the last year Norway had a typical winter. In the first nine days of January 2023, Vikings completed 13,000 assignments. However, in 2024, they handled 34,000 assignments in the same timeframe.

According to a local media outlet, car insurance companies and car recovery services in Norway have been inundated with problems related to the freezing temperatures this winter. From January 1 to January 14, the country experienced temperatures ranging from -7 °C (19.4°F) to -2 °C (28.4°F). Thus far in 2024, most of Viking’s missions are centered around vehicles with battery problems or drivers struggling to start their cars. Setrom highlights that 13% of these starting difficulties are associated with electric cars, while the remaining 87% come from fossil fuel vehicles. Overall, EVs hold a market share of 20% in Norway.

An interesting statistic to note is that Volkswagen sold 6,614 units of the ID.4, an electric vehicle, in Norway. If you have any additional information or tips, feel free to reach out to Maria at [email protected] or through X.

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