Mazda Embraces Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS)

Mazda plans to launch its electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with Tesla’s NACS standard in North America starting from 2025. This move will offer Mazda customers a wider range of charging options and access to over 15,000 Superchargers across North America. Mazda’s previous attempts to enter the US EV market with the MX-30 were not successful, with only 181 units sold in 2021 and 324 units sold in 2022. The MX-30 lacked a large battery capacity and had a limited EPA range rating of 100 miles. Its price tag of $35,385, including destination charges, also made it less competitive compared to other affordable electric cars like the Chevy Bolt EUV. Mazda’s conservative approach to electric car rollout is attributed to uncertainties in the demand for EVs. Mazda’s CEO, Jeffery Moro, explained that the pace of electrification, especially for battery EVs, is not very high in the current market. Therefore, Mazda plans to start the ramp-up of its EV offerings carefully, positioning themselves as intentional followers in the EV market.

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