La sessione ad alta velocità del Tesla Cybertruck dimostra la necessità della modalità Track Mode

Insights from the driver of the all-electric pickup truck suggest that Tesla should consider releasing a dedicated Track Mode feature for the Cybertruck. The driver, an electric vehicle enthusiast, recently visited Buttonwillow Raceway for a series of runs.

The driver emphasized the importance of understanding the vehicle’s performance when hauling southbound grapevine, expressing confidence in the truck’s ability to maneuver past trailers and other cars with ease. Initially hesitant about towing with the Cybertruck, the driver’s experience on the incline and witnessing the vehicle being driven hard around the track has transformed their perspective.

While pushing the vehicle to its limits during the runs, the driver noted the engagement of the all-electric pickup truck’s stability control and its tendency to roll on the track’s turns. Despite these observations, the driver found the high-speed run extremely fun, expressing enjoyment throughout the drive.

The Cybertruck used in the run was a Dual Motor AWD variant, lacking a dedicated Track Mode setting and was instead placed in Off-Road Baja Mode for its Buttonwillow run. With a dedicated Track Mode and proper racing tires, particularly in its tri-motor Cyberbeast trim, the Cybertruck could likely perform very well on the track.

Tesla enthusiasts hope that the company will release such features in the near future, as a dedicated Track Mode would further enhance the Cybertruck’s standout performance.

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