Increased Production of Tesla Cybertruck and Model Y Evident at Giga Texas

The video footage captures several dozens of Model Y units and Cybertrucks at the Gigafactory. In the outbound lot, there are approximately 17 Cybertruck units, with an estimated eight or nine Cybertrucks being produced per hour. The Model Y and Cybertruck units are being grouped together in the outbound lot. The video also provides a sweeping view of the entire Gigafactory, showcasing various ongoing construction projects. An analysis of The Boring Company’s Prufrock-3 tunneling machine suggests that Tesla is prepared to tunnel beneath highway 130. Viewers estimate that it will take two to four weeks to tunnel the approximately 1,000-foot distance once tunneling begins, with a depth of at least 55 feet beneath the surface of the highway. The video includes a graphic showing the expected tunneling path and an aerial shot of the Prufrock machine. The full drone video can be watched below. If you have any thoughts or tips, you can reach out via email, social media, or by sending tips to the provided email address.

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