General Motors and Honda to Begin Commercial Production of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Michigan

The Fuel Cell System Manufacturing (FCSM) facility occupies 70,000 square feet in Brownstown, Michigan. It marks a significant milestone for the industry as the joint venture between General Motors and Honda is undertaking volume production of fuel cells for transportation and beyond, starting from raw materials for membrane and electrode and ending with completed systems. Both companies continue to invest and commit to driving the success of FCSM, building on their partnership that dates back to 2013.

The collaboration between GM and Honda aims to enhance the performance and durability of fuel cell systems, with a specific goal of doubling the durability of the 2019 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell and reducing development and manufacturing costs. Tetsuo Suzuki, vice president of FCSM, emphasized the utilization of the strengths of both companies to create a highly capable production system at the joint venture, demonstrating a mass production mindset combined with attention to detail and a focus on high quality.

Furthermore, the joint venture is prepared to cater to the future needs of customers for applications of fuel cell technology, signifying the onset of the hydrogen era. GM and Honda are dedicated to broadening the application of hydrogen fuel cells, exploring possibilities in the rail industry, aircraft, commercial vehicles, and stationary fuel cell power stations.

The collective effort of General Motors and Honda reflects their commitment to advancing and expanding hydrogen fuel cell applications, underscoring their readiness to meet diverse needs and drive the transformation toward a hydrogen-powered future.

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