Ford F-150 Lightning with integrated Alexa showcased by Amazon at CES 2024

Amazon Alexa made an appearance in another vehicle at the event, this time in the Ford F-150 Lightning. Alexa Auto, Amazon’s initiative to bring its virtual assistant into cars, showcased its integration at the Amazon Devices exhibit at CES. In a LinkedIn post, Alexa Auto expressed pride in collaborating with Ford and showcasing the experiences they have developed for customers.

Alexa Auto may have an advantage with customers who already rely on Amazon’s virtual assistant at home. By integrating Alexa Auto into vehicles, it provides a seamless connection between people’s smart homes and smart cars. Amazon also joined forces with BMW to feature Alexa Auto at CES 2024. The Director and Head of Production and Business Development at Amazon Smart Vehicles mentioned that exciting developments are taking place behind the scenes at the Amazon for Automotive booth, hinting at the future of automotive voice AI.

Amazon is not just partnering with Ford; they are actively working to expand the audience for Alexa Auto. Given Ford’s limited lineup of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), it seems unlikely that they will expand their EV offerings in the near future. However, Alexa Auto aligns well with BEVs and the latest technologies, making it a potential partner for other automakers in future electric vehicle releases.

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