China Tour Planned for Tesla Cybertruck

Selling the Cybertruck in China seems unlikely, according to CEO Elon Musk. Tesla plans to start displaying the pickup later this year in a “tour” format, allowing fans to choose the locations. However, Chinese Tesla owners may only be able to see the Cybertruck through this display tour. Musk expressed uncertainty about the pickup’s ability to meet Chinese regulatory requirements and be considered road legal. As a potential solution, Musk suggested shipping some prototypes to China for display purposes.

The size of the Cybertruck presents challenges for its viability outside of North America. In Europe, where roads are narrow, pickups are not commonly seen and may not be well-suited for the market. Potential safety regulations could be a factor as well. While Tesla could potentially develop a smaller version of the Cybertruck to adhere to international laws, there have been no indications from the company or Musk regarding such plans. Currently, Tesla has a lengthy backlog of orders that need to be fulfilled, and this backlog will continue to grow if production does not catch up with demand. Musk previously stated that there are over one million orders for the Cybertruck, meaning it could take several years for customers to receive their vehicles. Some customers who placed deposits in 2019 may have to wait another two years for their trucks.

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