Cadillac Set to Introduce an Electric Vehicle in its V-Series Performance Lineup

During a media briefing last Thursday, Cadillac Global Vice President John Roth confirmed that the automaker would be sharing a V-Series EV later this year. This announcement comes ahead of the 20-year anniversary of the V-Series line and amidst speculation about whether one of Cadillac’s EVs would receive the distinction. Roth encouraged reporters to stay tuned for more information about the brand’s V-Series lineup.

The upcoming EVs from Cadillac will be completely customizable and bespoke, with no two units being the same. Roth mentioned that the company has already started building unique experiences for key customers who are interested in being part of what the V-Series halo can be for Cadillac. He also highlighted that sales of V-Series models in the U.S. increased by 55 percent last year.

While it is not yet clear which specific EV will receive the V-Series badge, there are indications that it could be the Cadillac Lyriq. Sightings of apparent test vehicles and the brief appearance of the Lyriq-V in the automaker’s website drop-down menu suggest that this might be the case.

In other news related to Cadillac, it has been reported that the company is poaching Tesla owners in China for test drives. This information was shared by Zach at, who invites readers to share their thoughts via email or social media.

Overall, Cadillac’s confirmation about sharing a V-Series EV, along with the potential choice of the Lyriq as the recipient of the V-Series badge, suggests that the automaker is making significant moves in the EV market.

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