BYD Unveils $14 Billion Investment in Advanced Smart Car Technology

During the event, BYD unveiled its strategy of Integrated Vehicle Intelligence and launched the XUANJI Architecture for smart new energy vehicles. BYD’s Integrated Vehicle Intelligence strategy aims to remold and design smart energy vehicles around the XUANJI Architecture. The Chinese automaker seeks to improve its advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) as it increasingly becomes a major selling point for customers in China and worldwide, according to Automotive News.

“Integrated Vehicle Intelligence is set to steer the future direction of vehicular intelligence and so accelerate the transformation of the automotive industry,” said BYD’s founder and CEO, Wang Chuanfu. The XUANJI Architecture will serve as the central system of BYD’s upcoming smart new energy vehicles, functioning as the brain and neural network.

BYD plans to introduce an advanced driver-assistance system called Navigate on Autopilot. This system will allow drivers to relinquish control of the wheel and pedals in certain situations. However, drivers will still be required to touch the steering wheel every 15 seconds. Navigate on Autopilot will be available in BYD vehicles priced over RMB 300,000 and is already installed in the Denza N7 EV.

Additionally, BYD will offer its ADAS as an upgrade for its smart cars priced over RMB 200,000, including the Yangwang luxury models. Customers who have purchased vehicles below this price threshold can purchase the ADAS separately.

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