Aluminum jobs at risk in Sweden due to ongoing Tesla union conflict

A spokesperson for Hydro Ventlanda stated that they have made efforts to assist the 20 employees affected by the ongoing disagreement. They have tried to find alternative work for these individuals but have exhausted all options available and now risk losing their positions if a resolution is not reached soon. Hydro Ventlanda is not directly involved in the conflict between Tesla and the union IF Metall but has chosen not to comment on the exact capacity of the components impacted by the issue.

Tesla argues that its employees receive comparable pay and benefits even without complying with union demands. As a result of Tesla’s refusal to sign the agreements, workers at Hydro Ventlanda have halted the production of Tesla components in a show of solidarity. This action may now jeopardize their employment.

It is worth noting that Tesla has historically been against unionization, with CEO Elon Musk advocating for equitable pay and treatment for all workers. However, the UAW has not taken Tesla up on this offer.

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