Aerial Footage Reveals Tesla’s Advancements on Supercharger with Diner and Drive-In

The site for the project was initially planned to be in Santa Monica but it was eventually moved to its current location at 7001 W. Santa Monica Boulevard. The construction of the restaurant building is progressing and it is starting to resemble the design outlined in the permit and the artist’s rendering that has been shared over the years. Tesla’s construction plans for the site include rooftop seating, multiple Supercharging stalls, and an additional building that has yet to be constructed. Aerial footage of the unique Supercharger station can be seen in the video provided by Fox 11. For any further thoughts or feedback, you can contact Zach at [email protected] or find him on X at @zacharyvisconti. Tips can also be sent to [email protected].

*Image: Teslarati Logo*

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