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Tesla Autopilot2 side cameras reportedly in use in ghost mode

From Siggy101 via TMC:

One interesting point made by the service dude was that the last few updates have been significantly bigger in file size. He said that they used to need about 15 mins to transfer to the car over wifi in the SvC but recently they are between 1 and 2 hours.  He stated that since late December, the cars are now ‘using’ the 4 side cameras. By this, he clarified, the AP is now in ghost mode, not actively using them to influence the drive. When you brake, it checks if it wanted to brake. When you shift left in the lane, it checks if it would have done the same. etc etc. He said that he knows the cameras have just started being used as they had a flurry of service visits in January for cameras not working. They had in fact never worked but never needed to. There was even one where the cables were not plugged into the camera in the factory but had gone unnoticed until now as there were no calls for the camera to do anything. All that has changed now. Fingers crossed, this means that the learning will turn into doing in the near future.  I am aware this is not new news as this ghost mode has been discussed on here before but I thought I’d share how the service tech explained it to me. Sounds like progress to me.

The popular tech new website, TechCrunch, recently featured an article about the Model X and Autopilot.  Writer Darrell Etherington was able to drive the Model X for two and a half days in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While Etherington notes that the Model X “was a dream to drive” with “amazing handling and performance”, he focused his review on Autopilot and how it made driving much easier.

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