On Wednesday TMC member Ying, shared his story of how he went onto a curb and hit an office building in his Tesla because of “sudden unintended acceleration”.  Ying explained, “I was pulling in to my office parking spot where I parked for 6 years, I let the car slow to roll closer in front of the curb. All of a sudden the car accelerated, got on the curb, hit the office building. The car was still going until I applied the brake.”

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TeslaWeekly.com launches this week

This week I’ve launched teslaweekly.com as a website for Tesla news and info. I’ll be posting articles on the website and I’m also looking for contributing writers. If you’re interested, send me an email.

It’s been almost 3 1/2 years since I started the Tesla Weekly newsletter. My primary reason was to keep up with the news myself but also to give deeper thought and analysis to the events surrounding Tesla. I’ve always felt Tesla is a more significant company and movement than most realize. And most, if not all, media outlets tend to treat Tesla news with a rather generic and shallow approach. It’s rare to see in-depth analysis and deep thought in articles about Tesla. And that’s the main reason I’ve kept going with this newsletter until now. This was further highlighted more recently as I’ve compared my experience with the Model 3 with other reviews from various media outlets. I think most reporters/journalists and folks in general are under-appreciating the significance of the Model 3 and what Tesla has and will accomplish.

TeslaWeekly.com as a website will distinguish itself from other media outlets, including those that cover Tesla, by asking the deeper questions. We’ll ask the question “why” because we really are interested. And the goal isn’t just to provide the latest news but to encourage deeper thought and understanding.