Elon Musk announced this evening that the Boring Company is taking pre-orders for flamethrowers.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Flamethrowers.

The flamethrowers are available for $500, pre-order.  And to go along with this, one can order an “over-priced” Boring Company fire extinguisher for $30.

While all this sounds wacky, it turns out that Elon is having a bit fun and taking a page out of the movie “Spaceballs”.  Here’s a clip from the movie that will explain “merchandising” and even shows a flamethrower.

If we follow the roadmap laid out by the video clip above, we can expect more “merchandising” from Elon’s Boring Company.  I would be surprised to see Boring Company t-shirts (Elon’s already selling hats), Boring Company lunch boxes, and Boring Company breakfast cereal.

What the heck, why not sell Boring Company toasters as well?

Earlier this week, some folks on Reddit discovered the Boring Company flamethrower link.  You can read about it in our earlier story this week. Elon selling flamethrowers. Seriously.

Elon also shared a few more videos about his flamethrowers on Instagram.

Great for roasting nuts 🔥 🥜

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Don’t do this

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And finally, Elon shared the merits of buying a flamethrower in case of “zombie apocalypse”.  🙂

Update (8:34pm Sat Jan 27, 2018): Elon shares that within two hours of launch already 1000 flamethrowers have been sold, out of 20,000 available.


On Wednesday TMC member Ying, shared his story of how he went onto a curb and hit an office building in his Tesla because of “sudden unintended acceleration”.  Ying explained, “I was pulling in to my office parking spot where I parked for 6 years, I let the car slow to roll closer in front of the curb. All of a sudden the car accelerated, got on the curb, hit the office building. The car was still going until I applied the brake.”

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