Elon selling flamethrowers. Seriously.

Now this is a bizarre story.  Apparently Elon Musk’s Boring Company is really going to sell flamethrowers… because he can.

So let’s piece together this story.

Clue #1: On Jan 19, 2018 Instagram user, mytesladaventure, posted a video of him (or a friend) using a Boring Company flamethrower. (video language explicit)

The Boring Company Flame Thrower is Real! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🎥 by @dawallach

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Clue #2: Then there’s Elon’s tweets about selling a Boring Company flamethrower starting back in December 2017.

And then after 50k hats were sold, Elon tweeted again:

Clue #3: Someone of Reddit posted a link to https://www.boringcompany.com/flamethrower.

When you go to the link, you see blank page with a space to enter a password.  The Reddit user posted the password is “flame”.

When password was entered, it gives the option to pre-order a Boring Company flame-thrower for $600, shipping in April.


Clue #4: So, now the password “flame” is no longer working.  And folks are trying to guess what the new password is.

Here’s a discussion on Reddit for those trying to figure out the password, discussion link.

Conclusion: It looks like Elon is really selling flamethrowers.  Just like he really is planning on sending a Roadster into space.  I think it’s all a mix of having some fun and thinking it’s really cool.

Elon did tweet about “kids love it” in regards to flamethrowers… which I think is somewhat irresponsible.  I wouldn’t want a bunch of kids to get their hands on flamethrowers.  I hope Elon deletes this tweet.

Anyway, so there it goes.  The mysterious and wacky story of Elon really starting to sell flamethrowers.

Updated (10:19pm, Jan 26, 2018): In response to my post, someone on Facebook shared this video from Spaceballs as the likely reason why Elon is selling Boring Company flamethrowers.

On Wednesday TMC member Ying, shared his story of how he went onto a curb and hit an office building in his Tesla because of “sudden unintended acceleration”.  Ying explained, “I was pulling in to my office parking spot where I parked for 6 years, I let the car slow to roll closer in front of the curb. All of a sudden the car accelerated, got on the curb, hit the office building. The car was still going until I applied the brake.”

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