One of the neat features of the Tesla Model 3 is the phone docking station below the center screen.  It’s a handy place to keep your phone docked and charging while you drive.  However, with the advent of wireless charging it only makes sense that it would be more convenient to not have to plug in your phone but just lay it on a wireless charger.

Now, Model 3 owners can have a  custom wireless charging pad made just for the Model 3.

The folks behind are preparing on release a wireless charging pad that will fit in the exact location of the existing charging Tesla pad.  The new pad is made with TPU coating and positioning rails so that the phone will be kept in place while driving.

Another great feature of this custom wireless pad is that it has two wireless coils, one for each phone.  This way you can charge two phones wirelessly at the same time.

I personally have been searching for a wireless charger that would look good and wouldn’t add bulk to my Model 3 charging pad, and I think this is going to be great solution.

Customer deliveries to early subscribers are planned for April 2018.

If you reserve one now, they are giving $20 off the $99 price.

This Tesla Wireless Pad is not affiliated with Tesla.  According to the Tesla Wireless Pad website, here’s who the team is:

At Tesla Wireless Pad we are a group of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs who build the best wireless chargers for Tesla cars. In April 2018, we will launch the first wireless charging pad, starting with the Tesla Model 3. We’ve been hard working on a wireless charger for the Tesla model 3 since late 2017 and we are about to complete the production phase. The first units will be delivered in April 2018 to early subscribers. Following our first product, we plan on producing and rolling out more chargers for the Tesla line.”

Update: Here’s a discussion thread on the Tesla subreddit regarding this charging pad, and it appears some are refuting it’s charging speed claims.

tesla wireless pad closeup (source:

tesla wireless pad closeup (source:


tesla model 3 wireless pad installation


The popular tech new website, TechCrunch, recently featured an article about the Model X and Autopilot.  Writer Darrell Etherington was able to drive the Model X for two and a half days in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While Etherington notes that the Model X “was a dream to drive” with “amazing handling and performance”, he focused his review on Autopilot and how it made driving much easier.

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The Washington State House Transportation Committee voted 20-4 on Wednesday in favor of HB 2563. This bill would extend the Washington State EV sales tax exemption until June 2021 and eliminate the vehicle limit. It is currently limited to 7500 cars.

The current EV sales tax exemption, which began in July 2016, exempts purchasers of alternative fuel vehicles, including electric vehicles, from having to pay sales tax for the first $32,000 of the purchase price or the total lease payments made plus the purchase price of the leased vehicle. The State sales tax for Washington is currently 6.5%.

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