Elon Musk hints at new driving modes for Tesla’s FSD Supervised

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) is set to get new driving modes, according to a statement this week from CEO Elon Musk. In response to X user Gali Filche saying that even Tesla’s FSD Supervised “chill mode” was too aggressive for his taste, Musk said on Friday night that the software would soon get three updated driving modes: chill, standard, and hurry modes. Musk also did not disclose when the driving modes would be coming to FSD Supervised, or whether the new chill mode would be any more relaxed than its current chill mode. In the thread, others said that they would appreciate an even more relaxed mode too, with the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley account commenting to ask if there would be an “extra cautious mode for babies in the car” with the new changes.

In any case, the naming convention may also serve some purpose with regards to public perception, as “hurry” could be interpreted by some as a better alternative to “assertive.”

The company also offers three driving modes for its Autopilot system, called chill, standard, and sport. [Tesla highlights multiple FSD Supervised v12 customer experiences]

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