Tesla’s Q1 2024 Vehicle Safety Report Released

The report includes data on crashes involving Tesla vehicles, both when Autopilot was engaged and when the advanced driver-assist system was disabled. Tesla’s Q1 vehicle safety report was summarized by the electric vehicle maker in the following section:

In the 1st quarter, Tesla recorded one crash for every 7.63 million miles driven in vehicles using Autopilot technology. For drivers not using Autopilot, the company recorded one crash for every 955,000 miles driven. However, despite not using Autopilot, Tesla vehicles experienced more accidents in Q1 2024 compared to previous quarters.

In Q3 2022, Tesla recorded one crash for every 1.71 million miles driven in vehicles not utilizing Autopilot technology. This increase in crashes among vehicles not using Autopilot was attributed to the company’s practice of counting any crash in which Autopilot was deactivated within 5 seconds before impact. Additionally, Tesla includes all crashes where the vehicle’s incident alerts show an airbag or other active restraint deploying, and does not differentiate based on the type of crash or fault. This means that even if a Tesla gets rear-ended by another vehicle while Autopilot was engaged, the crash is counted.

In highlighting the safety of its vehicle lineup, Tesla emphasized the rigid cabins of its vehicles, which have saved numerous lives over the years. The company also noted that passive and active safety features are standard on all Tesla vehicles, making its fleet arguably the safest on the market today. Tesla also encouraged contact for news tips, signaling an openness to further communication.

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