Tesla Cybertruck executive refutes rumors of Foundation Series coming to an end

According to a Tesla executive, the company is currently producing Foundation Series Cybertruck units. It was claimed by Melnuk, citing supposed Tesla employees, that customers are not picking up these units due to their high price. However, others argued that it is difficult to accurately determine the Cybertruck’s conversion rate as this data is confidential to the electric vehicle maker.

In a response to a tweet by an EV enthusiast, the Cybertruck Vehicle Program Manager refuted the claims, stating that they were not accurate. The manager emphasized that even Tesla’s flagship vehicles, the Model S Plaid and the Model X Plaid, had initially commanded high prices. They added that while the prices of the Cybertruck are expected to decrease in the future, the demand for the all-electric pickup truck is likely still strong at present.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been described as a polarizing vehicle, attracting strong negative emotions from critics despite its innovative features such as a 48V system and steer-by-wire. Nevertheless, it has been successful in this sense.

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