Tesla Cybertruck Appears to Provide Power for Gas Station Following Houston Tornado

A video has recently surfaced online of a Tesla Cybertruck apparently providing power to a gas station following the Houston tornado. The Houston area was hit by severe thunderstorms, resulting in a confirmed EF-1 tornado near Cypress and leaving over a million customers without power.

Amidst the devastation caused by the storms, a TikTok video drew attention as it showed a gas station, despite a power outage in the area, still operational with the help of the Cybertruck. This video sparked a mix of astonishment and doubt online, with some skeptics questioning the truck’s ability to fully support a store or maintain its battery life.

The Cybertruck’s unique Powershare feature, exclusive to Tesla’s all-electric pickup truck lineup, came to light through the video, and it was not the only instance of the Cybertruck proving useful during the Houston storms. Another post showcased a Tesla Cybertruck owner utilizing the Powershare feature to provide ample power to their home, including air conditioning in every room, following power outages caused by high winds and a tornado.

In light of these events, the significance of the Tesla Cybertruck’s capabilities in providing power during emergency situations has garnered attention.

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