Tesla announces plans to expand Megapack project to over 1 GWh, a significant increase in capacity.

Tesla has announced a new Megapack buildout in partnership with renewable energy developer Arevon, which is expected to reach over 1 GWh upon completion. The project, known as Eland 2, will double the energy capacity of the existing Eland 1 site, offering 150 MW/600 MWh in addition to 758 MW of PV.

This expansion aims to provide grid stability and resiliency to Southern California. Arevon CEO, Kevin Smith, highlighted the significance of solar-plus-storage projects like Eland 1 and 2, stating that they play a crucial role in Arevon’s strategy and contribute to a more reliable and predictable energy yield during peak electricity demand periods.

Smith emphasized the financial strength, industry expertise, and sustainable energy infrastructure fostered by the Eland projects. In February, Arevon secured over $1 billion in aggregate financing commitments for the Eland expansion from institutions such as Wells Fargo, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Keybank, Credit Agricole, CoBank, and Zions.

Energy produced at the site is contracted with the Southern California Public Power Authority and will eventually supply power to 10 different municipalities around Kern County. Overall, the Tesla Megapack buildout represents an important step in advancing sustainable energy infrastructure and supporting the energy transition.

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