Starlink now offering monthly payment option for satellite dish.

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet system is aiming to attract a wide customer base. To achieve this, the company introduced a monthly installment offer for the hardware, which is the most costly component of the system. The financing option allows customers to spread the payments for the Starlink hardware over 12 months, resulting in a monthly payment of $50 for the satellite dish.

According to the official Starlink website, financing is available for customers who prefer to pay for the cost of the Starlink kit over time. The total hardware cost is $600, and customers can pay $50 per month for 12 months, plus a one-time activation fee. Customers who choose the financing option will have to authorize Starlink to charge their approved payment method for the system’s service and fees.

Therefore, those who opt for installments would initially only be responsible for the system’s shipping cost and tax, which in some locations like California, could be as low as $22.05. After completing the 12-month installment period, customers can expect the $50 hardware installments to be added to their monthly fees, which total about $120 per month. Once the hardware is paid off, customers will only be responsible for the service’s monthly charges.

This includes a $1 for 30 days trial, as well as the availability of discounted refurbished Starlink kits. For any news tips or inquiries, customers are encouraged to reach out to the company.

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