Nvidia Surpasses Tesla as South Korea’s Leading Foreign Stock

Nvidia has recently surpassed Tesla in terms of stock performance, with its stocks slightly outperforming those of Tesla. South Korean investors hold $10.67 billion worth of TSLA stocks, making a significant investment in the company. Despite this, Tesla still holds the top spot for net purchases, with South Korean investors placing buy orders worth $1.18 billion in TSLA in comparison to $516 million in Nvidia over the past five months.

Nvidia, as a chip company, is experiencing significant growth opportunities in the tech industry as it focuses on AI development. The company’s stock price currently stands at $1,148.25, reflecting a 20.28% increase in the past five days and a market cap valued at $2.82 trillion. This surge in shares followed Elon Musk’s announcement that xAI will be taking on Open AI, paving the way for further expansion and product launches for Nvidia.

Elon Musk has emphasized the need for specialized semiconductors to train and run AI Grok through xAI, with a requirement of 100,000 units. He also indicated the necessity of Nvidia’s flagship H100 graphics processing units for a supercomputer called a “gigafactory of compute.” These developments are expected to contribute to Nvidia’s further growth as xAI expands and launches various products.

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