Jeep’s Perfect Plan for Boosting EV Demand

Stellantis is planning to launch a $25,000 Jeep electric vehicle in the United States. This move is aimed at increasing consumer interest in EVs, amidst a slowdown in sustainable vehicle demand. The company intends to make the vehicle highly accessible to consumers, with a price point similar to the European Citroen e-C3.

In the U.S., Stellantis has focused its Jeep offerings on hybrid powertrains, aligning with the industry trend. Consumer interest in hybrid vehicles, offering the best of both worlds, has contributed to a slight slowdown in EV sales. The $25,000 price point falls well below the average transaction price for a new vehicle, making it an attractive offering.

Stellantis CEO, Tavares, views the $25,000 price tag in the U.S. as “affordable” for a battery electric vehicle (BEV). He believes that providing ultra-affordable EV options is the company’s responsibility to encourage consumer adoption of EVs. However, the company anticipates challenges, including navigating the lack of interest in EVs among consumers and addressing concerns about China-made EVs in the U.S. as the Biden Administration rolls out tariffs to limit their market domination.

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