Ford introduces new features for electric vehicle owners in a rare update to their smartphone app.

Ford has launched a rare Smartphone app update that introduces new features aimed at enhancing the electric vehicle ownership experience. This update, available to owners through the FordPass app, enables them to start, unlock, and lock their vehicles without using a physical key. While all Ford vehicles benefit from the new version of FordPass, electric vehicles (EVs) have received special attention. The update offers enhanced capabilities for EV owners, such as one-tap vehicle controls, quicker Smartphone key access, and improved charge management, including a simplified slider for setting a target charge.

In addition to these upgrades, Ford F-150 Lightning owners can now utilize a new climate control feature through the app. This feature allows them to prepare the cabin temperature before entering the vehicle, ensuring a comfortable environment. This feature, similar to what Tesla owners are familiar with, has garnered significant interest among F-150 Lightning owners. Furthermore, Ford CEO Jim Farley announced that there are various improvements to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles as well, mainly focused on the user interface (UI) appearance, which also benefits EV owners.

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